[Nousaku] Beer Cup L

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Drinkware / Tin 100% H160mm φ70 435ml

The rough surface created by the sand casting makes beer foam creamy. As the tin cup gets cold soon after pouring cold drinks with its high thermal conductivity, it is also ideal for juice, iced coffee or any drinks.

[ Tin Item ] Care and Precaution

■ Wash with a mild detergent using a soft sponge after use. Wipe off with a dry soft cloth after washing.
■ Polish with pasty baking soda to bring back the luster.
■ Keep away from fire or heat as the melting point is low.
■ Never polish with a metal cleaner or metallic sponge.
■ Do not use a microwave or dishwasher.
■ Do not leave the item wet to prevent deterioration or discoloring of the item.
■ Do not keep something sour on/in the item for several hours to prevent discoloring of tin. Wash well after use.
■ As tin has a high thermal conductivity, the item itself will be hot when something hot is placed. Be careful not to burn yourself.
■ Do not store the item in the refrigerator more than 30 minutes or in the freezer to prevent deterioration or breakage of the item.
■ Excessive bending may lead to cracks or breakage of the item. Once bent, the item cannot revert to the original shape.
■ Crackling sound will occur when the item is bent. It is unique to tin and called “tin cry”.