[Nousaku] Basket Tincry Four Leaves M

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Tin 100% 
H 2mm φ160mm

First bendable tableware "Tincry". Our beautiful plate will decorate your daily table as well as in a party scene classy.
Cooling the plate/bowl in the refrigerator f or 1-2 minutes will enable you to enjoy cold dishes more.
"Tincry" comes from crackling sound when the item is bent.

[ Tin Item ] Care and Precaution

■ Wash with a mild detergent using a soft sponge after use. Wipe off with a dry soft cloth after washing.
■ Polish with pasty baking soda to bring back the luster.
■ Keep away from fire or heat as the melting point is low.
■ Never polish with a metal cleaner or metallic sponge.
■ Do not use a microwave or dishwasher.
■ Do not leave the item wet to prevent deterioration or discoloring of the item.
■ Do not keep something sour on/in the item for several hours to prevent discoloring of tin. Wash well after use.
■ As tin has a high thermal conductivity, the item itself will be hot when something hot is placed. Be careful not to burn yourself.
■ Do not store the item in the refrigerator more than 30 minutes or in the freezer to prevent deterioration or breakage of the item.
■ Excessive bending may lead to cracks or breakage of the item. Once bent, the item cannot revert to the original shape.
■ Crackling sound will occur when the item is bent. It is unique to tin and called “tin cry”.